In Novasutras, we consciously reawaken our deepest sense of the living world to work through our grief, reclaim our joy, grow trusted relationships, and take meaningful action.

People have always needed community, spirituality, and celebration. These needs increase in times of difficulty. Supportive conversations and ecospiritual practices help us respond to the vast challenges of environmental disruption and social injustice that threaten global and personal well-being today.


Novasutras gatherings help us to share information, support wellness practices, and cultivate beloved community.

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New growth on ferns in unfurling spirals.


Novasutras projects manifest compassion and care for all people and other beings on Earth.

Earth’s Three Green Hearts: Equatorial Rainforests ~ Climate Solutions ~ Stop Line 3 ~ Regenerative Land Reform ~ The Child Hardship Fact Force

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Novasutras ecospiritual practices help us to be resilient and effective, even in the most difficult and turbulent times.

Octal Celebrations ~ Meditation ~ Focusing ~ Shinrin-Yoku/Forest Immersion ~ Work That Reconnects ~ Participatory Events

In Novasutras , we come together to nurture and uplift one another during these challenging times. We are cultivating a world that works for all people and all species of life on Earth. In our gatherings, spirituality and science are honored harmoniously to understand our existence, open our minds, expand our hearts, and guide us into action.  

There are many ways you can join Novasutras ecospiritual efforts as we develop an engaged worldwide community cultivating agaya and ubuntu.
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We come together both online and in person, to share information, act for change, support wellness practices, and cultivate beloved community.



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What are agaya and ubuntu?

Agaya is a new term (the merger of agape – transcendent love – and Gaia – nature’s creative complexity), intended as an expression of the deep, sacred beauty of the universe.
Ubuntu is a term from southern Africa that represents connections and interdependence between all beings.
Agaya and ubuntu unite us with each other and the more-than-human world in reverence, joy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness.

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