The sun rising over the Earth, as seen from orbit. Image by NASA.

“Religion is at its best when it becomes a countercultural force”


The intention of the Novasutras movement is to provide deep and rich soil in which a new culture can take root and flourish. It seeks to be a response that is at the right scale for the global crises that are now converging on our species, by…

…sharpening our attention, cultivating a sense of awe, offering us examples of how to better live and die—even granting us a chance at transcendence

It is an effort to germinate a new worldwide religion, similar to that described by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

Religion is at its best when it becomes a countercultural force; when it has no power, only influence, no authority except that which it earns, no claim to people’s attention other than by the way it creates values that cannot be found elsewhere. It is then that it loses its perennial tendency to corruption and becomes again what it once was—a startling new voice, redeeming us from our loneliness, framing our existence with meaning, and teaching us to remember what so much else persuades us to forget—that the possibilities of happiness are all around us, if we would only open our eyes and give thanks.

—Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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