Long-term goals and big projects for the Novasutras movement

As discussed in this video, the long-term goals and big projects of the Novasutras movement could include:
  • Defending and protecting the environment, agaya and ubuntu01:16
  • Responding to disasters — 02:29
  • Rebuilding after disasters — 05:27
  • Supporting social justice causes — 07:37
  • Education — 09:01
  • Preserving knowledge and culture — 10:11
  • Spreading joy and celebration — 12:29
Of course, similar goals and ideas have been expressed by different people, and in other places. The intention with Novasutras is to weave these threads together through the strength of a religious community.
We’ve already outlined the Novasutras movement goals for this year and next year in terms of strategic movement building. But these goals are mostly in the service of growing a movement large enough to support bigger things while promoting the philosophy of agaya and ubuntu. Now we should work together to develop our long-term intentions for the Novasutras movement.
Collaboration and co-creation are vital elements in the Novasutras movement. So let us know what you think: what’s most important, how do you want to help  or how should we use contributions?
Please take the survey at https://goo.gl/forms/F6e0QopWHPuNzZIY2, and/or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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