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Progress on the Novasutras Goals – June 2018

We are currently focused on goals for movement-building, so that our community has the people and resources we need to accomplish our larger projects.*

Progress-to-date on the Novasutras goals for movement-building
  • Inviting the power of community to transform global civilizations into expressions of Novasutras’ core values, so we begin to live in a world of ubuntu and agaya.
  • Organizing local celebrations for Equinoxes and Solstices:
  • Developing a working wiki of Novasutras philosophy, research, and practices  by March Equinox 2019.
  • Growing Novasutras communities in at least 30 countries.
    • Participants in simultaneous meditations, the Novasutras group on Insight Timer, and the Novasutras guild and public challenges on Habitica do hail from several different countries (details have not yet been researched).
  • Uniting a quarter-million participants worldwide into conversations about community based on agaya and ubuntu.
    • More than 150 different Habitica users have participated in public Novasutras challenges since the first challenge in March, and 20 are members of the Novasutras guild.
    • Our YouTube channel has only 11 subscribers so far (not quite one for each of our 12 available videos). One video has 51 views, two have 44 views, two have 39 views, then one each with 26, 24, 23, two with 13 and one with 7 views. There are 16 likes (and no dislikes), 56 total comments, and 25 shares so far.
  • Holding celebrations around the world for the June 2019 Solstice.
  • Freely distributing 1 million printed books about Novasutras globally by December Solstice 2020.
    • To be based on the contents of the website, blog, videos and the (yet-to-be-started) wiki, plus a couple handwritten notebooks (yet to be typed) – publication and distribution plans not yet started – can you help?

*We had to do a little re-set of our goals to make them credible based on how much we have accomplished so far. Please join us to help meet these goals without resetting them!

Are you ready to help? Do you have questions, ideas or comments? Please let people know what you’re interested in doing – say something in the comments below, or contact us.

Please join us in ubuntu and agaya!

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