Global Goals in Synergy with Novasutras Movement Goals

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have much in common with the larger goals of the Novasutras movement. The SDGs are not perfect, but they do represent a worldwide intention to thrive, and there are potentially ways to implement all of them that would be in keeping with agaya and ubuntu. The great power of the SDGs is that they are all deeply interconnected and intended to be considered together, so that solving for one in one part of the world would not make it harder to solve for any of the SDGs elsewhere. Below, the long-term goals and big projects of the Novasutras movement are listed along with the SDGs that appear to be most closely tied to that Novasutras goal.

In addition to the links above, some great places to learn more about the SDGs include the official UN site,, and more scholarly looks at SDG interactions and how the SDGs relate to ethics.

Novasutras-logo-straightsNovasutras supports thee_sdg_logo_no-un-emblem_square_rgb
Sustainable Development Goals.

What do you want to do to support the SDGs? What are you already doing?

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