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A Fast for Climate Justice

Keith Runyan contacted me a couple months ago for mentorship with a recent calling of his: a leading that has led him to take a fast, in search of right relationship with the Climate Crisis. He has connected with at least 20 others who have felt inspired to fast with him under the guidance of a similar calling.

Keith Runyan’s vision statement for the Climate Fast

I’m fasting from Dec. 20th to Jan. 1st  for the climate. I’m fasting in order to feel whole. To not turn away from this world but to turn towards it and care for it as closely as I care for myself. I wish to feel communion with our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren in such a manner that it is as if they sit with me here now. I’d feel in integrity with myself. I wish to align myself with all species of our Earth such that if I held the orchids and tamarins of the Amazon in my arms today, I would not feel that I had wronged them – but rather that I was doing all I could. In this quest to expand my care, I hope to expand my humanity. To find joy and hope in togetherness and a love for all things.

The aim of this Fast for the Climate is to presence the lived reality of the unseen millions around the world who are living with food insecurity and starvation due to climate instability and the billions who will certainly follow if we do not take radical action to avert the worst effects of climate change. This work of solidarity seeks to establish the deepest connection with these people, our ecosystems, and our grandchildren for whom the impacts of climate breakdown are not a choice, but the way the world simply is.

In spending the next 12 days in fast, I hope to gain clarity on my life and in so doing the opportunity for renewal. Fasting requires intentionality and commitment. In removing things from my life, I hope to create a space for reflection on what I hope to change most about myself. At the end of my fast I will attend a spiritual retreat. What a wonderful opportunity to do this over the new year!

In radically living with our deepest fears, we seek a sacred calling that is at once as uncomfortable as it is infectious – a pilgrimage to truth. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same, as we are liberated from our own fear.”

From December 20th to January 1st, I intend to meditate to begin and end each day, write and share music, and go on a journey (via public transport) to share this message with activated communities. Many people thus far have expressed their intent to join this action (see the full list here of known participants here!) We celebrate all abilities in this action so please participate in whatever way speaks for you! If you wish to carry this message of solidarity to your community please let me know and then spread the message when the time is right!

Love and light my fellow earthlings,

Update: We held a meditation at the Santa Cruz Lighthouse on December 27th to support Keith’s fast. Mary Flodin livestreamed some of it — the video is available at https://www.facebook.com/maryflo/videos/10155732929062465

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