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Equinox Celebration September 22nd 2020

Today is the last day of the season, because tomorrow is the Equinox. Novasutras will celebrate by holding an online guided meditation focusing on global well-being and loving-kindness. We hope you’ll join our Octal Meditation, and include our online gathering as part of your own celebration of this seasonal transition.

Octal Meditation and Community Gathering

Equinox Livestream recording Tuesday, September 22nd, 11:30AM PDT / 18:30 UTC
90-minutes – Presenter: Michelle

As a follow-up, there is again a Global Climate Strike around the time of the Equinox, planned for Friday, September 25th this year.

About the Equinox

The exact time the sun will cross the equator on its southbound journey is Tuesday, September 22nd, at 13:30 UTC (that’s 6:30am Pacific Daylight Time – check your local time and date). Our online celebration is 5 hours after the moment of the Equinox.

from https://www.timeanddate.com/
UTC time = Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 13:30:00
sun is directly overhead at Latitude: 0° 00′ South, Longitude: 24° 22′ West

Because the sun is angled directly over the equator, the daylight and darkness are about equal length everywhere in the world on the Equinoxes (actually, a little sunnier than equal, since the sun is so large in our sky). Everywhere on Earth, the sun rises due East, and sets due West on these dates.

Earth at the start of the 4 astronomical seasons. By Tau?olunga [CC0]

Equinoxes also mark seasonal transitions. Many animals are migrating at this time, following the sun and warmer temperatures.

For celebrations of the Equinoxes, important themes are:

  • Balance
  • Global Unity
  • Orientation
  • Transition/Transience
  • Migration
  • Preparedness

In the Southern Hemisphere, September is the vernal equinox, when Emergence and Pollination are also key themes to incorporate in your celebrations. For the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, Abundance and Protection are key themes.

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