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Jungles of Joy

Jungles of joy, jungles of joy- let my soul be crammed with jungles of joy
It breaks open, no longer able to hold back the bursting life.
The vines of my soul wiggle through the cracks,
The hummingbirds dart out lured by red wails in the desert.
Jungle beasts slink blinking
Into the harsh, unrelenting light beyond the walls.
Shrinking back into the fissures
They wail in loud demanding voices.

As the jungle creepers advance trees lean through.
Huge fruits fall, bounce, roll, break and squish flinging pungent seeds.
Lured by the scent, desert beasts appear lumbering out of mirage in wary zig zags.
They stare at the jungle beasts as they feed.
Soon the mating begins.

Their children will run free in both worlds.
Even before that happens, while the young are still bumbling inconsequences,
Water elephants will wander out from the jungle and from the desert. 
Together they will dig deep through the burning dryness 
To the wellsprings of the heart.
The waters of life will flow anew. 

In the feces of desert beasts, desert seeds will mingle with the seeds of
Jungle fruit offered to their mates by wild eyed lovers.
Park lands of the Inbetween will blossom.

O bless Thou our new beginnings
Begun in unrepentant gladness 
Mated with harsh despair.
O bless thou our wails
Fertilize us with new life.

  • Strangler fig (Ficus sp.) in jungle with vines Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Purple-throated carib feeding at a flower, sharpphotography, CC BY 3.0
  • desert with bare shrub
  • monkey eating fruit
  • Asian elephant
  • Common albatross butterfly (Appias sylvia)
  • Hibiscus flower

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