Victims of Climate Emergency in Madagascar Need Help NOW

Ubuntu requires us to care for one another. We know that we are all in this together. We know that those who did the least to create the problems are often the ones who suffer the worst effects. People in wealthier nations must be ready to respond immediately to help the people in places like Madagascar with limited resources to respond to crisis.

Tell President Biden to come to Madagascar’s aid TODAY.

There have been back-to-back droughts in Madagascar which have pushed communities right to the very edge of starvation. Families are suffering and people are already dying from severe hunger. This is not because of war or conflict, this is because of climate change. 

This is an area of the world that has contributed nothing to climate change, but now, they’re the ones paying the highest price. This is enough to bring even the most hardened humanitarian to tears.

We’re literally watching children dying before our very own eyes, and while we need a short-term emergency response we’ve got to do resilience programs and water harvesting…these people can thrive and survive if we give them the support they need and they’re not getting that support. The international community has a moral obligation to step up and help these innocent victims of climate change right NOW.

David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program

The humanitarian disaster in Madagascar is a direct result of the climate chaos industrialized countries have unleashed.

The United States, with just 4% of the world’s people, is the source of 26% of the CO2 driving global warming. The entire African continent, with 17% of the world’s people, produced less than 3% of that CO2. America’s 420 gigatons of CO2, half of it emitted in the last four decades, make it uniquely responsible. America’s response must be proportionately generous.

The United States can end the suffering in Madagascar, and help these communities heal, adapt and develop resilience, for less than it spends on the military in one day. We urge President Biden to provide those resources without delay. 

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