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Uplifters: Raising Our Voices Together

One of the wonderful, powerful things we can do together is put forward endorsements and work to publicize other groups’ efforts as an organization. We participate in sacred activism as a community, by using Novasutras’ outreach tools and collective voice.

As an ecospiritual organization seeking to grow a global movement, we have many opportunities to endorse initiatives and open letters around climate, habitat protection, social justice, and the rights of Nature. These efforts are tangible expressions of ubuntu and agaya in the world. 

Signing onto movements & letters as an organization

Our intention is to keep our endorsement process streamlined and nimble. We currently have a policy that at least three Novasutras Uplifters must agree to a given proposal, with no objections, before we endorse a given letter, initiative or project.

Even if you can’t attend planning meetings, as an Uplifter you can give us opinions on signing opportunities by email. You can also let us know what you think about setting this as policy. We also encourage Uplifters to seek out and share new opportunities for organizational endorsements.

If no objections are raised and at least three Uplifters are in agreement, then Michelle or another representative will sign Novasutras onto endorsements shortly after the meeting or email where they are considered. If objections are are raised, we will have further brief discussion at a meeting. We will allow more time for research and consideration before a decision is made for endorsements without urgent deadlines.

New Opportunity: Endorsing Climate Forests Campaign June 2023

This month, we have a proposal for Novasutras to participate in the Climate Forests Campaign, to push for 500,000 public comments to convince the Biden administration to permanently protect mature and old-growth forests (50+ million acres) on federal lands. Both the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service announced that they are initiating rule-making processes and both have kicked off public comment periods to get public input on what they should do to protect our forests. The comment period(s) end June 20. Environment America has provided a toolkit with sample language for writing longer comments,  talking points, social media graphics, etc.  

Four current Uplifters have agreed that we should join this effort. What we need now is new or re-engaged Uplifters in the US who can actively participate in this campaign. We need people who can help to promote this effort on social media, help us construct and edit our comment as an organization, and help us set up our letter writing campaign (much as we did with the comments for the Juristac campaign last fall).  We need people who can attend online events. Contact us, comment below, or join our Uplifters mailing list if you want to participate.

Want to Help Us Choose New Endorsements, and Raise Our Collective Voice?

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