Agaya & Ubuntu Connection: Novasutras Ecospiritual News

Ecospiritual News: Watch Agaya & Ubuntu Connection

Michelle launched our first ecospiritual news livestream on YouTube this week.

Ecospiritual News Livestream July 19th, 2023
Actions: Help LGBTQ+ Youth in Uganda (GoFundMe) or Have a Climate Conversation
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Videos of July 14th action in San Francisco here and here

This is a trial run, with more to be scheduled in the coming weeks. We will make a determination of a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule after a couple more trials.

Like this first episode, the intention is to usually feature:

  • news and commentary
  • an ecospiritual events calendar
  • action(s) to defend, protect or restore thriving on Earth
  • a guided nature reconnection meditation
  • introductions to Novasutras ideas and/or suggestions for ecospiritual practices
Photo of a woman offering a gift of leaves, by Gabriella Clare Marino, via Unsplash.
Offering Ecospiritual News for Our Community

Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can watch our news broadcasts live, or see the recording shortly thereafter. After all, news and event listings are most relevant when they are fresh. We’ll try to get the recording posted here on the Novasutras blog shortly after the livestream, but it may take a couple of days.

Don’t forget to click the alert bell, so you get notified when the next livestream is scheduled.

We hope that these informal livestreaming events can be an easy way to stay connected. We might include interviews, news reports and commentary from Novasutras Uplifters and allied ecospiritual or ecoactivist groups. Contact Michelle if you want to be part of an upcoming episode. You can also contact us if you have ecospiritual news or events you’d like us to announce.

This is an experiment. We really want to know what you think. What did you like? Which parts didn’t work for you? What would be most useful to include in future ecospiritual news livestreams? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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