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Orangutans, Bees, Fires: Ecospiritual news this week

In our fourth ecospiritual news livestream, Michelle talked about her experiences researching Sumatran orangutans. She reflects on recent wildfires and their relationship to colonialism and climate disruption. In Novasutras, we reaffirm our commitment to Earth’s Three Green Hearts, and offer actions to resist fossil fuel expansion and to protect vital tropical rainforest, indigenous lands, and orangutan habitat. Connecting the Corners practice sends wishes for agaya and ubuntu to all beings on Earth.

Recording of the Agaya & Ubuntu Connection Episode Livestreamed on August 18th

Links for this session:

Actions for this week:

Photos by Michelle from her fieldwork on Sumatra, 1999-2000

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  1. Great great ape news! On #WorldOrangutanDay alone, we got $29 in increased Patreon support, so Novasutras can help save two more hectares of Bukit Tigapuluh, and we’re on our way to adding a third. Support our Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/join/Novasutras – by the end of the month to help us build toward the next hectare, or help out directly at https://www.theorangutanproject.org/donate/protect-bukit-tigapuluh-ecosystem2/ #E3GH #rainforest

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