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Strength in Sacred Activism: Ecospiritual news this week

Our fifth ecospiritual news livestream focused on sacred activism and resilience. In Novasutras, we offer actions with reverence to all life on Earth. We resist fossil fuel expansion, protect vital tropical rainforest, indigenous lands, and orangutan habitat. We recognize the power of global synchronous meditation as we prepare for the Global Wave of Climate Action.

Recording of the Agaya & Ubuntu Connection Episode Livestreamed on August 30th

Links for this session:

Sacred Activism: suggested actions from this session

Quotes From Children Who Visited RAXKAN

  • “Carrying out activities outside the four-walled classrooms to which we are accustomed allows us to learn better since we can learn to live directly with nature, with the trees and with our own classmates. Being very close to nature even changes our mood”
  • “Today we learned that trees fulfill an important function not only for our environment, but also for our own lives”
  • “Just thinking that trees provide us with oxygen makes me more aware of the importance of conservation”
  • “The greatest lesson that I take home with me today is that if one day I need to cut down a tree I must plant ten more. I did not know that this is a principle practiced since time immemorial by our grandfathers and grandmothers in the Mayan worldview”
  • “Today we already have the knowledge about why we must respect trees because many of them have existed for more than 80 years. With this information I can reflect that they existed many years longer than I did and therefore we have no right to harm them, and that we can make use of forest resources only if strictly necessary”
  • “Learning how we can grow our own food in a natural way using all the resources that are in our homes and community helps us grow healthier and healthier”

Contact Michelle if you want to get more updates or get involved in supporting this project in Guatemala as part of your sacred activism.

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