Marchers at Sacramento #EndFossilFuels #ClimateWeek action, September 2023. Photo from Oil and Gas Action Network.
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Words and Actions: Ecospiritual news this week

Our seventh ecospiritual news livestream focused on the words we choose to inspire action on the climate emergency. We shared video and reflections on the recent Climate Week action in Sacramento. In Novasutras, we emphasize careful choices of words and actions, to best express solidarity and reverence toward all life on Earth. We avoid language that encourages framing problems in terms of conflict or violent opposition. We engage in sacred activism to resist fossil fuel expansion, protect vital tropical rainforest, to encourage economic and social justice, and to reduce suffering and to grow agaya and ubuntu around the world.

Recording of the Ecospiritual News Episode Livestreamed on September 27th, 2023

This livestream offered an approach to choosing words and actions that frame the climate challenge as a problem to be solved collaboratively, rather than a fight with winners and losers. We also encourage meditation and other wellness practices that can promote spiritual growth, deepening our power and resilience. Practicing together with a focus on global unity, we can remain effective agents for positive change, even as we experience the disruptions brought on by global injustice and climate change.

Links for this session:

Sacred Activism: suggested actions from this session

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