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Global Synchronous Meditations

We are choosing to offer a series of global synchronous meditations online, as part of the upcoming Global Wave of Climate Action. Novasutras guided meditations emphasize the scientific truths that unite us as Earthlings. They are open to people of all faith practices or belief systems who share some devotion to Earth care and community. All Novasutras events are offered in the gift economy (freely given, with donations welcome).

Online Group Meditation Events

Michelle will be offering guided global synchronous meditations throughout November and early December. Some are timed around astronomical events, as a way to mark the shared journey of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Note: Click links for details and specific times. We will probably be adding more sessions in the coming weeks. Check for up-to-date listings.

Global Synchronous Meditations are part of the Global Wave of Climate Action: "We Will Rise"

*For Insight Timer Live sessions, if you’re on your phone or tablet, the link will just take you to the app, where you’ll need to search for this live session by title, or by my name: Michelle Merrill. If you’re on a computer/laptop, the link will take you to a page where you can view the live session in your web browser.

group meditation - cheerful calm diverse team relaxing in lotus pose
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Why Novasutras will be part of the Global Wave of Climate Action

We believe in the power of sacred activism. We know that action on climate is urgent and essential work. We know that people and other beings are suffering and dying all around the world because of the climate disruption caused by fossil fuel emissions already in Earth’s atmosphere. We are convinced that the sooner we make the transition away from fossil fuels, the less suffering Earth will experience. We think that activism is required to hasten the global transition away from fossil fuels.

Some people have expressed concerns about the principles, tactics and organizers of the Global Wave of Climate Action, but in Novasutras we are assuming best intentions, and moving forward with our guided meditation offerings, in the intention that our practice together is of benefit to the climate movement and to all beings. In their call for Global Synchronized Meditations and Prayers, the Global Wave of Climate Action appears to share our intentions and beliefs about these practices.

Why Global Synchronous Meditations are Important

Meditation is a foundational Novasutras practice. Research has shown that meditation provides many benefits for personal well-being. We recognize the power of meditating together, so we provide many opportunities for people to focus together in meditation at the same time

Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world.

Evidence indicates that large numbers of practitioners meditating at the same time could help in reducing violence around the world, including the so-called Maharishi EffectSome studies suggest that “large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world.” Still other studies appear to show that meditating together improves social coherence and teamwork. While these correlations may not convince all skeptics, they do suggest a possibility for us to leverage global synchronous meditations to build momentum for increasing agaya and ubuntu worldwide.

How is meditation a climate action?

Novasutras has incorporated meditation as part of climate activism. The Santa Cruz chapter frequently held Climate + Land + Water meditations in public places, holding inspiring messages about climate solutions. Members of the chapter also participated in some of the weekly climate meditations organized by Extinction Rebellion at the Santa Cruz clocktower.

One passerby asked us meditators something along the lines of “If the climate crisis is so serious, why are you just sitting there doing nothing?” As I thought about this, it occurred to me that “doing nothing” was a great thing to do! I’m not participating in destructive economic activities, and probably improving my own health, so the time I spend meditating has a very low carbon footprint, and reduces my complicity in the forces fueling the crisis. I’m in a public place, with signs reminding people of the crisis, so I’m educating people and keeping the climate in people’s thoughts. And, as I focus my meditation on intentions for the world to prevent, heal and recover from the worst damage of the climate crisis, I believe I am making a difference, maybe improving our chances to create a better world. It’s possible that this way of “doing nothing” is one of the most important things we can possibly do at this time.

Climate + Land + Water Meditators gathered near the Steamer Lane Lighthouse on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California
Climate + Land + Water Meditators gathered near the Steamer Lane Lighthouse on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California

Are global synchronous meditations the only actions to be taken? Certainly not. Are they the most effective actions? Unlikely. But do they still matter? Are they worth doing?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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