News: August Cross-Quarter, Santa Cruz Chapter, Radio Interview

Cross-Quarter global synchronous meditation and discussion via Zoom Wednesday, August 7, 2019 19:00-20:00 UTC. Invitation to join the local Santa Cruz, CA chapter. Radio show on KSQD August 1st.

Forest Immersion: Shinrin-Yoku as Novasutras Practice

Explore the history, practice and science of "forest bathing", and how it can help you deepen your connection with all other beings in loving-kindness, with the complex wonder and sacred beauty of the universe, with what we call agaya and ubuntu in Novasutras. Shinrin-yoku practice may help you become a more effective agent for increasing ubuntu and agaya in the world.

Reflections on the June Solstice

Thanks and blessings for sharing agaya and ubuntu at the June 2019 Solstice. The days around each Solstice are important times to pause and reflect. Here are some questions for contemplation as we move into the new season...