Reflections on the June Solstice

Thanks and blessings for sharing agaya and ubuntu at the June 2019 Solstice. The days around each Solstice are important times to pause and reflect. Here are some questions for contemplation as we move into the new season...

Deep Adaptation and Civilizational Succession

Novasutras recognizes that we are about to experience profound societal transformation, one way or another. How do we envision and work for the best outcomes, while consciously preparing for the worst outcomes?

Awareness and response: Styrofoam litter on a creekside trail

When you walk outdoors, what things do you see that cause you to react with outrage, with sadness, with shame and disappointment for our befoibled human species? Thinking about styrofoam litter provides an example of how to transform the energy of those reactions into responses that enhance agaya and ubuntu.

Allegiance to Gratitude

Thanksgiving can become a celebration of agaya and ubuntu, through the Native American tradition of the "Thanksgiving Address." What are you grateful for? How does this bring us together to abide in ubuntu and agaya?