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A summary of Novasutras Uplifter Paul Schaafsma’s analysis of U.S. climate policy options. PDF version available here.

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Reality-Based Climate Solutions

Tuesday, April 6th, 2:00pm PDT / 21:00 UTC
(2 hours, Presenter: Paul)

What is the world calling us to do? What national and international policy options have a real chance to help us stay below 2C of warming?

How effective would current climate proposals be for actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions? What would be needed to avoid the most dangerous tipping points?

Paul Schaafsma will review his analysis of the effectiveness of different climate policy options. Some could lead to rapid, positive outcomes for climate. However, others lack mechanisms of enforcement or other specifics and therefore are likely to be profoundly ineffective.

We will talk about the numerous benefits of the Deal for Nature proposal. The Deal for Nature and ecosystem restoration efforts could prove to be our most important tools for addressing the climate crisis, maintaining biodiversity – especially in equatorial rainforests, and providing rewarding employment for people.

After a review of these options, we will have abundant time for structured conversation. Together, we will explore how we can help to promote the most effective climate solutions for averting catastrophic climate disruption.

(2 hours, Presenter: Paul)

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