Agaya & Ubuntu to Heal the Climate

The climate emergency is real. In Novasutras, we emphasize careful consideration of the best available science, with a focus on effective solutions. Most of the best climate solutions have other benefits for enhancing agaya and ubuntu in the world. We also seek to offer practices that help climate activists show up as their best, most effective selves in these times of crisis.

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African Activist is Safe… for Now

“Our leaders are not taking climate action seriously but we can’t give up. As I live in the Congo where we don’t have peace, sometimes activists are targeted and I must go slowly.” – Remy Zahiga

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Earth Day 2021: Sources and Springs of Climate Action

The climate crisis and global biodiversity loss require us to reconnect with the sacred, living Earth and with one another in more powerful ways. We may grow to understand the ways that life on Earth seeks to become allied with us, and find ways to act in better partnership. We can unite with that awesome power that gives us life to protect and restore its vitality in joyful co-creation.

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