Saving the World’s Equatorial Rainforests

Our beloved Earth has three green hearts — Amazonia, Congo and Sundaland [1] — the world’s three major equatorial rainforest systems. These are places of unfathomable complexity and diversity, places of beauty and wonder. They are the living embodiment of agaya and ubuntu — joyous, raucous, mysterious, fierce and lovely.

The Novasutras Movement is engaged in work to preserve and protect Earth’s Three Green Hearts, collaborating with and promoting other efforts and organizations focused on climate, biodiversity, and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Our hearts are breaking. These sacred places must be preserved, healed and restored.

Equatorial rainforests are sacred places. People around the world are coming together to recognize this fact and work to save Earth’s Three Green Hearts.
Novasutras signed on to the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative‘s Faith for Forests Declaration.

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Earth’s Three Green Hearts


Novasutras is a founding partner in the #Amazon4Amazon effort, to get one of the world’s wealthiest corporations and its founder to direct funds toward preserving the Amazon rainforest and upholding indigenous land rights.

Great blue turaco (Corythaeola cristata), Kibale Forest, Uganda

The devastating effects of climate change and deforestation in the heart of Africa are under-reported. Brave young activists are struggling to be heard in their calls to protect the Congo rainforest.


The forests of island and peninsular Southeast Asia are home to an incredible array of wildlife. But moneyed interests are pressing forward with forest clearing, driving beloved species to the brink of extinction for the sake of profits.

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Earth’s Three Green Hearts

Counting Earth’s Heartbeats









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  • Empowering Earthlings: Awakening the BodyMind with Forest Immersion
    Life on Earth teaches us how to be together, and how we are related to the life around us. We need only remember how to listen to those most ancient teachings. What we seek to accomplish on behalf of the planet has work within as a necessary corollary.
  • A Prayer for Turtle Island
    A prayer offered by Derek Tennant for decolonizing and anti-racism work.
  • Celebrate Interdependence, Practice Ubuntu
    Ubuntu is is the essential truth of inter-being and interdependent co-arising. Learn about ways to celebrate INTERdependence Day and to participate in the co-creation of the Novasutras movement.