The Amazon basin is home to about half of the world’s remaining rainforest. It is the heart of terrestrial biodiversity. The trees of the Amazon cycle more water than the mighty river itself, playing a major role in the rainfall patterns of the continent and shaping the weather for our entire planet.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s most important carbon sinks that can help reduce climate change. It is also among the most biodiverse places on Earth. All of this is at risk, as rates of forest destruction are increasing.


Novasutras is supporting the #Amazon4Amazon effort because it is a manifestation of agaya and ubuntu. The Amazon rainforest, including the animals and indigenous people who depend on it, need a solution that ends deforestation NOW and can help reduce climate change.

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As part of our support for the #Amazon4Amazon campaign, we offered a worldwide, synchronous guided meditation focusing on healing and wellness for the Amazon rainforest and all who live there. Sign up free to be part of the Novasutras Movement and we will send you the link to our recording of this guided meditation.

Experience the peaceful power in shared contemplation of the beauty and wonder of the Amazon rainforest and wishes for increasing well-being of this sacred place.

We meditated together on Friday, Novemeber 29th, 2019. You can access the recording by signing up for the Novasutras newsletter, using the button below.

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Squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) By Ruben Undheim, via Wikimedia Commons

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