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International / Online Events

CROSS-QUARTER: online Octal Meditation Feb 3rd, 20:30 UTC / 12:30 pm PST. Online meditation will be about 12 hours before actual moment of the Cross-Quarter, 4 Feb 08:55 UTC (12:55am Pacific). Register (with or without donation) to receive login details.

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Santa Cruz, CA Events

See the Santa Cruz area chapter page for details.

Shinrin-Yoku: Monday January 27th, 2pm – we will once again gather to bask in the beauty of the main grove at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, for a 2-hour, non-strenuous stroll (or sit).

We will plan for a weekend shinrin-yoku gathering next month. Take this quick poll to let us know what times would work for you, and suggest alternate venues.

Recent Events

Includes news and explanations, then Calling the Corners at 9:24, our guided Octal Meditation at 13:45, and conversation beginning at 33:30.
  • Meditation for the Amazon: Novasutras offered a worldwide, synchronous guided meditation focusing on healing and wellness for the Amazon rainforest and all who live there. We chose to meditate together on #BuyNothingDay, in support of the #Amazon4Amazon campaign. Sign up FREE to be part of the Novasutras Movement, and we’ll send you a link to the video of this guided meditation.

Past Events

Ideas for planning celebrations:

Celestial events are an excellent opportunity for synchronous global meditations, and other celebrations. We particularly encourage participation in the Octal Meditations at the Solstices (when the sun appears the farthest to the north or south from an earthly perspective), Equinoxes (when the sun crosses the equator) and Cross-Quarters (the mid-points between Equinoxes and Solstices in Earth’s orbit around the sun). Online Octal Meditations are usually scheduled to coincide with the timing of the celestial event (starting at least 15 minutes before it and ending after it). Learn more about Cross-Quarters, Equinoxes and Solstices and their timing at


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