share widelycreatestart or join a work teamcelebrateshare spacedonate stuffcontribute funds buy merch

Ubuntu in living systems grows from generous reciprocity, as organisms aid one another in meeting their goals. Most often, this is of a ‘pay-it-forward’ nature. Plants generously produce nectar in the hope that their flowers will attract pollinators who can help the plant to reproduce – there is no guarantee that any pollinator will oblige this after visiting, so there must be an element of trust. Similarly, the Novasutras movement was seeded with much effort, in the hope that it will attract cooperators who will help it grow and flourish. If you want to be such a cooperator, here are some ways you can help us meet our goals:

share widelycreatestart or join a work teamcelebrateshare spacedonate stuffcontribute funds or buy merch

Share widelytell your friends about Novasutras, agaya and ubuntu.  Follow Novasutras on Twitter, Facebook and  YouTube. Use and create social media connections to help others learn about the movement and its core values.

Create –  comment; write blog posts; make videos for our YouTube channel; make and donate original music or images we can use in videos, on posters, or on the website; help get a wiki set up; help build the Novasutras calendar; help design a new language.

Start or join a work team – we need people to work together to edit videos and blog posts, and get started on other Novasutras projects

Celebrate – help to plan and stage a celebration or other event. Make masks, costumes, banners, flyers or whatever else is needed to make the celebration happen.

Share space – Offer your space to host celebrations, meetings or small gatherings.

Donate stuff – video cameras, microphones, materials for celebrations. 

Contribute funds– support the costs of our efforts, and help us build the movement: learn more, donate now via PayPal, or become a member on Patreon to provide ongoing support for the health and growth of the Novasutras movement.

Purchase merchandise – buy Novasutras stuff on Redbubble. It’s especially fun to get things like T-shirts, stickers, mugs or notebooks with our logo and URL, that might help spark conversations and inform others about the Novasutras movement.

“Bees!” by Todd Huffman

The process of growing the Novasutras movement is inspired by Swarmwise (book | video). Swarmwise outlines radically decentralized, effective and fun movement-building, inspired in part by nature’s best examples of cooperative effort. We have set goals that are tangible, credible, inclusive and epic. Together, we can change the world to one based in the values of agaya and ubuntu.

Do you have questions, ideas or comments? Want to let people know what you’re interested in doing? Say something in the comments below, or contact us.

Join us in ubuntu and agaya!

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