Agaya and ubuntu, beloved Novasutras community!

I am making a personal plea for you to support the early stages of growth for the Novasutras movement. You can contribute funds directly, buy merchandise, or become a member on Patreon to provide ongoing support for the health and growth of the Novasutras movement. An influx of new resources will help speed our growth, improving chances for the survival and success of this emerging movement.

As a growing movement, our expenses are currently far higher than our income. Our total expenses from October 2017 to mid-March 2020 were $2,317.32. During this time we have only received $713.50 in donations and merchandise sales.

Creating the website and other content, leading meditations and other events takes time, equipment, software, skill and energy. So far, I’m the main creator working on this: I’ve been committing 15 to 45 hours per week in addition to covering all unpaid expenses. I’m doing all I can with the resources I have available, but these are limited, so growth is slow.

I’ve set up this option to gather one-time funding. If you choose to provide on-going support via Patreon, you receive special access to community conversations (and other perks for greater commitments) to thank you for your continuing contributions to the Novasutras movement. I’ve also posted some Novasutras merchandise for sale on RedBubble, including T-shirts, totes, notebooks, stickers, mugs and more!

I am relying on your trust in me to use these funds wisely to grow the movement and do even more. I endeavor to be fully transparent about how Novasutras funds are being used.

With your initial support and encouragement, we can get set up as an official non-profit organization, so we can do more effective fund-raising. Your help and suggestions are vital as we develop other ways to receive the financial resources we will need to operate in the cultural environment that surrounds us for now.


Together, we can midwife and nurture the Novasutras community into a movement that can change the world. Anything you can contribute to this cause will be deeply appreciated.

In ubuntu and agaya,
Dr. Michelle Y. Merrill

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