Novasutras Movement-Building Goals

The Novasutras movement must grow strong if we are to achieve our long-term goals and big projects, as global defenders of and educators about agaya and ubuntu.  To build the movement, we intend to:

  • Organize local celebrations around the world for Equinoxes and Solstices.
  • Develop a working wiki of Novasutras philosophy, research, and practices, and produce a book for distribution.
  • Grow Novasutras communities in at least 30 countries.
  • Unite a quarter-million participants worldwide into conversations about community based on agaya and ubuntu.
  • Invite the power of community to transform global civilizations into expressions of Novasutras’ core values, so we begin to live in a world of ubuntu and agaya.

The process of growing the Novasutras movement is inspired by SwarmwiseSwarmwise “Bees!” by Todd Huffmanoutlines radically decentralized, effective and fun movement-building, inspired by nature’s best examples of cooperative effort.

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Why build the Novasutras movement?

As discussed in this video, some long-term goals and big projects of the Novasutras movement could include:
  • Defending and protecting the environment, agaya and ubuntu01:16
  • Responding to disasters — 02:29
  • Rebuilding after disasters — 05:27
  • Supporting social justice causes — 07:37
  • Education — 09:01
  • Preserving knowledge and culture — 10:11
  • Spreading joy and celebration — 12:29

The intention with Novasutras is to weave these threads together through the strength of a spiritual community, that co-creates an emerging response to whatever is needed for growing ubuntu and agaya in the world.

Do you have questions, ideas or comments? Want to let people know what you’re interested in doing? Say something in the comments below, or contact us.

Join us in ubuntu and agaya!