In Novasutras, we reawaken our deepest connection with our living world to reclaim our joy, honor our pain, grow trusted relationships, and take meaningful action in service to all life. We are passionate about helping student interns build the skills and practices that will help them transform the world.

As part of our team, interns get free access to all Novasutras events. We are eager to work with interns to grow their social network and nourish their intentions for personal development in ways that are mutually beneficial.

The Novasutras community has a culture of inclusion and respect for all. This means that our interns’ ideas and opinions are invited, valued, and validated — we hope to learn from our interns while they learn from us.

Join Our Team

Our preference is to have two or more interns working together at any one time. We’ve just started working with our newest intern, Kate. Mina and Charlene worked with us over the summer.

Novasutras Uplifter - student intern Mina Boozarpour Summer 2021

Mina Boozarpour

Intrepid Intern – summer 2021

Mina explores the overlap of environmental and global experiences that we share with each other and with nature, which is also the focus of her studies at UCSB. She enjoys collaborating with other Uplifters and celebrating the diverse perspectives that Novasutras is built on.

Outreach and Event Internships

Working closely with us, interns will learn to use tools to schedule, promote and host online and in-person gatherings.

Internship tasks will likely include:

  • Communication and correspondence with allied organizations and potential guest presenters
  • Creating compelling event descriptions, images and other promotional materials
  • Listing events on online calendars, webpages, and email announcements
  • Promoting events on social media and other channels
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Assisting with online and outdoor event hosting

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