Getting to the Roots of the Problems: Exploring Regenerative Land Reform

Regenerative land reform and local food production could help solve a myriad of problems. Corn harvest. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

How can justice in food, farming and forests repair colonialism and the climate crisis?

Help create a bold vision for reparations, restoration, regeneration and rights in the United States.

Concentrated ownership and control of land is a legacy of colonial domination, built on the backs of enslaved Africans and soaked in the blood of First Peoples.

Could regenerative land reform – a change in policies to break up some of the largest landholdings and make land available to people who would tend it better — solve many of our most vexing social, economic, and environmental problems? We will be inviting dozens of organizations around the United States to come together to develop the vision and ideas for making it happen.

Preliminary idea development in 2020

Part 1 highlights: Sketching the Vision and the Need for Land Reform
Part 2 highlights: Why land reform?
Why now?

Land Reform as an idea to “solve all the problems at once” 

What if we could address: the need for reparations for American Descendants of Slavery; the need for restoration of indigenous lands to the native peoples of North America; the need for housing, employment and food security for millions of people; the need for a better system of growing our food; the need people have to spend more time in connection with the living world; the need for civic engagement and building skills in community decision-making and local politics; and the need for less toxic and more nutritious food? Join us to discuss and develop the idea of reclaiming land from corporations and helping people learn to care for that land in regenerative communities. Learn more…

An Invitation to Co-creation of Land Reform

If you are part of a group working on any of these issues or are otherwise aligned with finding solutions to these problems in our country, please contact us to co-create generative conversations. With a broad diversity of perspectives and a wealth of ideas, we can create a bold new vision together.

We intend to have some opening conversations about these ideas. Please contact us if you want to help us make these happen.

Views to Healing Relationships with Land

Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farms offers a deep vision of why this matters for the African American community in her February 2023 talk “Black Earth Wisdom: Afro-Ecological Survival Strategies.”

Land reform sounds radical. Why be so bold?

There has never been a better time for developing bold new visions for a better world.

Author and Direct Action Campaign expert George Lakey makes the case that NOW is the time for BOLD VISIONS for transformative change.

The Novasutras Team for Land Reform

We need people to help us reach out to organizations who share some of these ideas, so we can co-create a vision for the future we want.

Do you want to get involved in helping us organize these events? Let us know.