An Invitation to our Leading Deep Change Learning Community

Before the crumbling façade of normal buries us, we invite you to participate in creating a novel learning group. Now is our time to dream bigger dreams and have deeper conversations, to take actions and make connections we didn’t think possible a few months ago. 

In December, we came together around the vision of a learning community for people to co-create deep change (details below). Our next step will be a two-part conversation to build trust and seek guidance from everyone about how we will proceed. In Session I (Jan 27th and Feb 3rd), we focused on our passions, touchstones, and what matters in the world today. In Session II (Feb 10th and 17th), our focus shifts to resources, both what we have and what we need, self-care, and actions that may result from our individual and collective conditions. In Session III (Feb 24th and Mar 3rd), we will ask, “What does this community want to do? How is this community being called to move forward?”

We will hold two cohorts, one in the morning and one in the evening on alternate Wednesdays. You are welcome to participate in either or both (regardless of whether you were part of the December conversations). If you missed Sessions I or II, please contact us to prepare before joining the session that follows.

Session I: January 27th, 9 – 11 am Pacific and February 3rd, 7 – 9 pm Pacific  
Session II: February 10th, 9 – 11 am Pacific and February 17th, 7 – 9 pm Pacific
Session III: February 24th, 9 – 11 am Pacific and March 3rd, 7 – 9 pm Pacific

Already registered? Click here to join Zoom directly at the start time for your session.

If you can’t make these times, but you’re interested in joining a community of practice, contact us and let us know.

We seek to manifest a community of practice; to cherish our diversity of experiences, age, wealth, culture, gifts, talents and focus. What tools and rituals might we learn, so we can craft ceremonies and paths that lead us all to a just and sane world? What calls to you: a self-care group, a research group, a justice group or an action group? How can we improve our leadership and relationship skills? How do we rebuild trust and bond around our shared values, needs, intentions, and visions?

Gathering Leaders for Deep Change

On December 8th & 9th, we brought in many voices from our community to share their interests and insights into how we can best serve this calling. What emerged from these sessions was the importance of an ongoing sense of community and our need for connection. We seek to bring our deep values and full hearts, with an eagerness to learn together how to lead transformation in alignment with our truest spirits. We long to embrace our curiosity and welcome many points of view, in an atmosphere of trust.

From Our Brainstorms

“authentic connection with a lot of presence”
“accurate, attuned, heart-to-heart”
“build community in a time of division”
“align with the natural and with justice”
“find ways to come from our heart”
“want to participate, be inspired, offering my gifts”

We welcome you to join us as we step into this adventure. We are planning to have two cohorts, one in the daytime and one in the evening. People may participate in one or both.

This is the time we have been waiting for. Show up, speak up, step up. Be truly human, and being that, be well.

If you are interested, sign up, and we’ll include you in future conversations.

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Beekeepers learning together. Photo by Anggi Nurjaman on Unsplash

A Community of Practice for Leading Deep Change

We seek to manifest a community of practice; to cherish our diversity of experiences, age, wealth, culture, gifts, talents and focus. A community of practice is a way that people with shared concerns and passions learn from one another, support each other, and grow in skills and abilities.

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Announcing Daily Discussions

What lessons are we learning from this pandemic that can help us deal with challenges to come? How does the pandemic affect our response to ongoing crises like climate change? Join Novasutras Daily Discussions, as we help each other make sense of our world, and develop strategies for increasing agaya and ubuntu emerging from the disruption.

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