We are growing the Novasutras Movement together, working to build community through event facilitation and organizing. Here are a few of our most engaged Uplifters: Kate, Mina, Paul, Derek, Benny, Leoma, Kendon, Lionel, and our founder Michelle.

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Kate Sawtell - Novasutras Uplifter

Kate Sawtell

Creative Changemaker – Intern: October 2021 – present

Kate is a student at CSUMB in the Environmental Studies program, with a minor in Environmental Policy. She likes to express her passion for sustainability in creative ways like reimagining and repurposing old items to be functional again. She is motivated by the possibility of creating positive change in the world, whether big or small.

Novasutras Uplifter - student intern Mina Boozarpour Summer 2021

Mina Boozarpour

Intrepid Intern Summer 2021

Mina explores the overlap of environmental and global experiences that we share with each other and with nature, which is also the focus of her studies at UCSB. She enjoys collaborating with other Uplifters and celebrating the diverse perspectives that Novasutras is built on.

Paul Schaafsma

Global Justice Visionary

Paul brings a huge heart, probing intellect, and great passion for change to all his work. He initiated the #Amazon4Amazon and #ClimateJustice4Africa campaigns, and the Child Eviction Fact Force. He offers presentations based on his expertise in the work Hannah Arendt and his experiences in the redwoods of Northern California.

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Derek Tennant

Conversation Convener

Derek shares his boundless compassion and skill as a conversation facilitator in our regular online events. He brings wonderful insights from his experiences in disaster relief and his knowledge of economics and life in Thailand. He lives within the gift economy/ecology ethos.

Benny Drescher

Ocean Whisperer

Benny combines ecosystem wisdom and yoga, bringing dynamic energy, playfulness, and deep gentleness to his work. His activism includes allyship with local indigenous land protectors, and he has been seen practicing Civil DISCObedience for the climate. He helps organize our Uplifters, and offers hatha yoga guidance.

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Leoma Scott

Wise Play Maven

Leoma shares her genius and unique energy in online conversations. Her knowledge of the natural world and research on systems thinking are teamed with an artist’s perception and a penchant for playfulness, guiding us into laughter and fresh perspectives.

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Kendon Smith

BodyMind Mender

Kendon merges a lifelong career as a psychotherapist with a passion for healing the planet, one mind at a time. A devout awe-theist, he explores the wisdom of the implicit self in a quest to help us all reconnect with the truth of Nature, without and within.

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Lionel Church

Novasutras Prime Catalyst

Lionel has been actively working on developing Novasutras as a healthy organization since mid-2019. He brings years of expertise and tremendous energy to operations orientation for us.

Michelle Merrill

Novasutras Founder & Community Organizer

Michelle cultivated the ideas for Novasutras over many years, until the seedling of the organization finally emerged into the sunlight in November 2017. Michelle now handles most of the content, communications and website development for the organization, in addition to leading guided meditations and other events.

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