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Astronomical events are included to help you schedule globally relevant celebrations for the Novasutras movement.

Upcoming Events


The 2018 March Equinox is at 16:15 UTC on Tuesday, the 20th of March. We are livestreaming a global meditation on our YouTube channel beginning at 16:00 UTC / 09:00 PDT at .

Do you have ideas for some local events to celebrate the equinox and change of season? Contact us, or share ideas here, and we’ll help coordinate and promote people’s plans all around the world.


Want to help?

It would be great to adjust astronomical events with very specific times to those specific times. It would also be nice to add in global celebration days with themes that are relevant to the Novasutras principles and values, agaya and ubuntu (e.g. Earth Day, World Water Day, World Lemur Day). Contact us if you want to work on the calendar.

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