Local gathering

Sunday August 18th
Harvey West Park, Buckeye Picnic Area
Santa Cruz

Join us for a festive meeting, gathering people from the Santa Cruz area with an interest in Novasutras.

We found a great spot. We get to be out in the sunshine (or retreat into nearby shade), with some picnic tables, accessible to those with limited mobility, where people can enjoy music and laughter.

We will begin at 11:30 and go through late afternoon. Our plans include:

  • Calling the Corners
  • Potluck (sharing food & gratitude)
  • Music and merry-making (sing-along, perhaps a bit of dancing)
  • Meditating together
  • Art / altar / mandala co-creation
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Forest immersion (shinrin-yoku) practice and sharing (optional)

We’re having a potluck, and we’d like it to be as Earth-friendly and agaya-considerate as possible, so (if you can) please bring reusable plates, cups, cloth napkins and utensils. It would be preferable to bring food and family-friendly beverages with as little disposable packaging or plastic as possible. Our participants would probably most appreciate vegetarian or vegan items, as these are kinder to the climate and other beings.

It would be great if you could bring one or more items to place on an altar or in a mandala. These should be beautiful and/or meaningful things that you can add to our arrangement. If you have flowers or other lovely things from your garden, those are especially nice. Of course, you may take any of your items back home at the end of the event.

Also, we’ll be in the sun through the early afternoon, so don’t forget to bring appropriate hat and sunscreen. If you want to participate in the forest immersion, bring shoes you’ll be comfortable wearing to walk up a trail into the woods.

So, please plan to bring (if you can):

  • food and/or drinks to share (no alcohol, please)
  • hat & sunscreen
  • reusable plate, cup and utensils
  • cloth napkin
  • items to place on altar or in a mandala (beautiful and/or meaningful things that you may take home at the end of the event)
  • small acoustic musical instruments, if you play and want to lead a song or play along
  • trail-friendly shoes if you want to participate in forest immersion trail walk

Want to help out? Have more ideas and suggestions for a fun and engaging event? Please contact us.

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2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz, California area local chapter

  1. I love seeing that Novasutras has a Santa Cruz chapter and that you’re getting together for an in-person celebration of life, ecology, and community! I’ll be out of town then (as I live in NYC) but I can’t wait to make it out for some future Novasutras celebration when I am in town. 🙂

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  2. I love your vision around all of us creating a new guiding narrative for creating a world that works for all. I hope this local event will help seed a nucleus of a growing community of beings who lead from interconnected mind (ubuntu) versus the human-centered mind!

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