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Local Organizing to Stop Line 3

Calling All Santa Cruz Climate Justice Activists:

We’re rapidly organizing local efforts to #StopLine3, and we need your help!

Local Demonstrations

Tuesday July 27th, 4pm
Friday July 30th, 4pm
Start at corner of River & Water St

National Info Hub

A up-to-date collection of links to news, actions in Minnesota, national petitions and calls

Novasutras Engagement

Ways that local Novasutras Santa Cruz members have been involved in actions to #StopLine3
more info

Tuesday July 27th, 4pm

We will rally at the corner of River St and Water St, downtown Santa Cruz (at Bank of America – one of the main fossil-fuel funders). After demonstrating there for a while, we will walk along Water St to the corner at Ocean St (at Chase Bank – another main fossil-fuel funder).

Share on Facebook – https://fb.me/e/Cfi5aJLW

Friday July 30th, 4pm

We will rally at the corner of River St and Water St, downtown Santa Cruz. After demonstrating there for a while, we will walk down River St (to oilyWells Fargo – another major fossil-fuel funder), then down and up Pacific Avenue.

Share on Facebook – https://fb.me/e/3NIZvRZMg

We have lots of signs for people to use, with beautiful pre-printed art and messages about Defunding Line 3 (you are also welcome to bring your own signs, with messages about the climate crisis, indigenous rights, the threat of pipeline leaks, the problem of tar sands, and especially the complicity of big banks in fossil fuel infrastructure projects). We will also have small flyers to hand out to interested passers-by, including any cars stopped along the way that are willing to talk to us.

Team preparing signs for #StopLine3 demonstrations in Santa Cruz.

The proposed Line 3 pipeline expansion would despoil the sacred land and water of Minnesota. It is a project of Canadian fossil fuel company Enbridge, to increase their exports of climate-destabilizing tar-sands oil. Line 3 construction violates treaty rights of the indigenous people to fish, hunt and harvest wild rice. We stand in solidarity with the indigenous water protectors leading the efforst to #StopLine3.

To learn more, sign petitions, and find other ways to help, see tinyurl.com/ResistLine3


Forest Immersion Practice

Saturday, July 31st, 1:00pm
Schwan Lake Park

meet in the parking lot behind Simpkins Family Swim Center, 17th Ave

RSVP to join us, find out about carpooling, and get updates.

Join us as we are ‘bathed’ or immersed in the sensory experiences of time among trees. Shinrin-yoku (a.k.a. forest bathing or forest immersion) involves mostly walking slowly through a wooded area, incorporating plenty of chances for standing still or sitting while you appreciate the details of the beauty around you, taking time to re-connect with the natural world.

We will start with a brief explanation of shinrin-yoku practice, plus calling the corners and a brief meditation to prepare us. Then we’ll spend an hour or more on our own, gently and reverently immersing ourselves in the sensory experience of the woods. At the end, we’ll re-assemble and share insights from our experiences.

We will be outdoors for the full two hours – please dress in layers and wear comfortable clothes and shoes for spending time on an easy/moderate trail. If you won’t be able to walk or stand for the full length of time, please bring a portable chair or stool, and we’ll help you settle in somewhere to enjoy the trees. Masks and safe distancing practices requested as appropriate.

Novasutras encourages wellness practices like shinrin-yoku to keep us resilient and engaged with earth care, community, and climate justice work. Come join your fellow activists and others who hold the living world in reverence for this restorative practice.

Help us choose the time & place for the August Shinrin-Yoku

Likely weekend location:
Schwan Lake Park, Live Oak
meet in the parking lot behind Simpkins Family Swim Center, 17th Ave

Likely weekday locations:
Main Grove or Fall Creek Trail at Henry Cowell Redwoods S.P.

Indicate your availability here – https://forms.gle/Dp2QbYtmz732Ky6d7

Climate, Land and Water Outdoor Meditation

Next session in August?
Lawn near Lighthouse, West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

We may modify the timing or locationplease subscribe for updates.

This is a public meditation/demonstration, to raise our spirits, raise awareness, and raise the vibration in these troubled times. We will begin with Land Acknowledgement and Calling the Corners and then silent meditation, ending around 3:30. All are welcome!

climate witnessing meditation

If you are driving, please ARRIVE EARLY to find parking and get settled in.

We will gather on the lawn near the Lighthouse — look for the Novasutras signs.

Meditating together is a powerful act. Our signs and our intentional presence are resonant messages for hope and action in the reality of climate disruption and biodiversity loss.

We will have some signs available for you to use, if desired. Help us brainstorm sign ideas, or create one of your own! You are welcome to bring your own sign to hold or wear around your neck, with inspiring messaging about the climate and environmental crises (such as “meditating for a healthier world”, “we are all in this together”, “envision solutions for the climate crisis”, “a world that works for all beings”, “one planet, one people”, etc.). We prefer signs that are solutions focused, and try to avoid messages of outrage or confrontation at these events (there are times and places for those, but that’s not our intention here).

Meditation may be still and seated, but walking meditation is also welcome (Michelle can provide guidance if you are unfamiliar with walking meditation practice).

We will be outdoors the whole time (meditating for up to 30 minutes, plus interactions before and after) – please dress in layers and wear comfortable clothes to be ready for sun and wind. You may want a blanket or pad to sit on. If you don’t want to sit on the lawn (or do walking or standing meditation for the full length of time), please bring a portable chair or stool. Please be courteous regarding masks and safe distancing practices.

Climate, Land and Water Meditations & Shinrin-Yoku

We are testing locations and times for more frequent gatherings in Santa Cruz. Contact us or take this survey to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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