Victims of Climate Emergency in Madagascar Need Help NOW

Ubuntu requires us to care for one another. We know that we are all in this together. We know that those who did the least to create the problems are often the ones who suffer the worst effects. People in wealthier nations must be ready to respond immediately to help the people in places like … Continue reading Victims of Climate Emergency in Madagascar Need Help NOW

African Activist is Safe… for Now

“Our leaders are not taking climate action seriously but we can’t give up. As I live in the Congo where we don’t have peace, sometimes activists are targeted and I must go slowly.” - Remy Zahiga

Earth’s Three Green Hearts: Equatorial Rainforests and Working to Heal Them

Equatorial rainforests are sacred places. People around the world are coming together to recognize this fact and work to save Earth’s Three Green Hearts: Amazonia, Congo, and Sundaland. The Novasutras Movement is working to preserve and protect each of them. Learn more about it and join us on Tuesday, August 25th 2:30pm PDT / 21:30 UTC.