Rising Up to Protect the Water, the Land and the Climate

Treaty People Gathering invitation to join actions to #StopLine3 in Minnesota. https://www.stopline3.org/events/treatypeoplegathering-june

We rise together for treaties. We rise together for climate. We rise together for our water. We rise together for one another. As Enbridge builds Line 3 through Anishinaabe treaty land and the Mississippi Headwaters, we continue to stand strong in our resistance. Learn about the Treaty People Gathering, and join this effort.

Victims of Climate Emergency in Madagascar Need Help NOW

Ubuntu requires us to care for one another. We know that we are all in this together. We know that those who did the least to create the problems are often the ones who suffer the worst effects. People in wealthier nations must be ready to respond immediately to help the people in places like … Continue reading Victims of Climate Emergency in Madagascar Need Help NOW

Earth Day 2021: Sources and Springs of Climate Action

The climate crisis and global biodiversity loss require us to reconnect with the sacred, living Earth and with one another in more powerful ways. We may grow to understand the ways that life on Earth seeks to become allied with us, and find ways to act in better partnership. We can unite with that awesome power that gives us life to protect and restore its vitality in joyful co-creation.