The Work That Reconnects (WTR) is a set of learning practices, ceremonies, and meditations designed by Joanna Macy and colleagues to support our Earth care activism. WTR practices to help us increase our resilience and effectiveness in our work to defend and restore the living world. Dr. Michelle Merrill is a trained WTR facilitator, and regularly offers Reconnection Rituals and other workshops based in this tradition.

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Reconnection Rituals: online Work That Reconnects mini-workshops for managing Climate Grief and Ecoanxiety

Novasutras’ Reconnection Rituals events feature practices that invite deep connection to the world, in all its beauty and in its suffering. By connecting with the power of the living world, we find new reserves of strength in our hearts. Together, we can face the real damage done by climate disruption and habitat destruction. By recognizing ourselves as part of Nature, as co-creators of our future, we gain resilience and courage, guided by wisdom and our love for the Earth, to be agents for positive change.

These ecospiritual events are a time for gathering to reconnect with one another and with more-than-human Nature through rituals and community practices, mostly inspired by the Work That Reconnects. We go through a spiral of gratitude, honoring our pain for the world, seeing with new/ancient eyes, and going forth.
(90-120 minutes – Facilitator: Michelle)

The Work That Reconnects offers practices that empower us to grow agaya and ubuntu in the world.