Novasutras Events Overview

There will be an amazing series of events on the World UNITY Week website June 19-27th. Novasutras is offering many presentations, meditations, and Open Space conversations throughout the week.

To join a session on Zoom, click the room link at the session time. You can also join by going to, and scrolling down to find the room.

Our planned sessions so far:

During World UNITY Week, there will be “Open Space” sessions for discussions at these times.

Novasutras plans to host breakout discussions in most of these using our usual Discussions link – more details coming soon.

Mon, 22nd
10am-12pm PDT
Listening for Nature’s Harmony
 – How might listening for and partnering with Nature’s harmony help us to resolve human conflicts and build peace? – Details

Tue, 23rd
10:30am-12:30pm PDT
Open Space – no Novasutras room planned

Thurs, 25th
9-11am PDT
Listening for Diversity
 – How can we listen and learn from each other’s wisdom across enormous differences of experience? How does diversity make people and the more-than-human world more resilient?

Mon, 22nd
4-6pm PDT
Listening for our Power
 – Where and how do we feel power for change emerging? How are we being invited to embrace our interdependence? How can we use our shared power to promote compassion, equity and justice globally? – Details

Tue, 23rd
4-6pm PDT

Listening for Healing — For our human family, which approaches and practices show promise to meet the challenge of healing our global and cultural traumas?

(note revised times as of Mon 6/22)