Meditation is a foundational Novasutras practice. Dr. Michelle Merrill has made recordings of several guided meditations on agaya and ubuntu freely available through various channels.

We recognize the power of meditating together, so we provide many opportunities for people to focus together in meditation at the same time, including our online Octal Meditations (on the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-Quarters), and meditations for special events and causes like our Amazon4Amazon meditation.

Audio Recordings via Insight Timer and Patreon

Audio recordings of guided meditations are available on Insight Timer, a free meditation app. You can follow Novasutras and join the Novasutras discussion group on the app.

These audio recordings are also available for download on our Patreon page. Patrons typically have access a few weeks before the recordings become publicly available.

Meditations on YouTube

The meditation playlist on the Novasutras YouTube channel includes some suggested Novasutras meditation practices, and recordings of our Octal Meditations.

full meditation playlist on the Novasutras YouTube channel