Global Synchronous Meditations

Why are they scheduled for such odd times?

The timings for Novasutras’ Global Synchronous Meditation are based on the actual time of an astronomical event.  Most are about the orbit of the Earth and how the Earth’s tilt changes the apparent angle of the sun. So we start a little bit before the exact minute when the sun crosses the Earth’s equator for the Equinox, or when the sun appears to reach the tropic lines for the Solstices, and then at the orbital mid-points between those for the Cross-Quarters.  On the recorded meditations and livestreams for the Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarters, the guided meditation is timed to actually focus everyone’s attention on the sub-solar point at that specific moment.

Part of the intention with Novasutras is to help us break out of Industrial Age mindsets, including our approach to time. We also seek to make certain celebrations truly globally unifying – hence timing those eight synchronous meditations based on the position of the 1920px-north_seasonEarth in its orbit of the Sun. We recognize that this may cause inconveniences for some people who wish to join the meditations, which is why the recorded version remains available after the event. We recommend that those who cannot make the actual time could participate by listening to the recorded version four, eight, or twelve hours after the actual time, to increase the likelihood of being in synchrony with other Novasutras meditators. The focus on the sub-solar point will no longer be accurate as in real-time, but the shared timing and focus may still be of value.

Why global synchrony?

There is some evidence that large numbers of practitioners meditating at the same time has some positive effects in reducing violence around the world. Other studies suggest that

Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world.   ~noosphere.princeton.edu

Still others appear to show that meditating together improves social coherence and teamwork. While these correlations may not convince all skeptics, they do suggest a possibility for us to leverage globally synchronous meditations in the growing Novasutras community to build momentum for increasing agaya and ubuntu worldwide.


Have you joined in a global synchronous meditation?
What was your experience?

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