Extinction Rebellion April 15th Actions

Monday is the start of the #ExtinctionRebellion April mobilization, with major actions in London and around the world (#RebelforLife). They’ve already had some entertaining hijinx on April Fool’s Day:

Here are some videos about Extinction Rebellion’s strategies:

and their motivations for rapid transformation and a view toward deep adaptation:

As noted in the last post, the approach of Novasutras and Extinction Rebellion (XR) are different, but they are compatible and synergistic. Like XR, we take the threat of climate change’s impacts very seriously, and Novasutras’ long-term vision includes strategies for deep adaptation. Below we re-post suggestions for some things you can do, whether or not you choose to join a mobilization.

Addressing the Climate Crisis is a fundamental duty for those who wish to abide in ubuntu and agaya.

While the Novasutras movement is equally dedicated to the outcomes desired by Extinction Rebellion (XR), some may find the confrontational language and approach favored by XR does not reflect our much deeper dedication to growing a world abiding in agaya and ubuntu.


How can we help, while maintaining our focus on the co-creation of better cultural forms to replace the existing systems of exploitation, inequality and disharmony?

April Alternatives for Aiding Agaya

We can support XRs actions for the week leading up to Earth Day (April 15-22) by taking actions that harmonize with our intentions, to make the week especially sacred and resonant, whether or not you can join a mobilization.

Perhaps you could:

  • Meditate to Support the Mobilization. You can lend your support through meditation during key times (e.g. around the start of a planned action, such as the London mobilization beginning April 15th at 1000UTC/11am London/3am PDT, or the San Francisco mobilization at 4pm PDT). Commit to more frequent and/or longer meditations during the week, and set an intention for your meditation practice this week to support earth-care through agaya and ubuntu.
  • Take a Fossil Fuel Fasting pledge. Whether it be for an afternoon, every evening for an hour, or throughout the entire week, plan to set aside some time where you use no power that comes from petroleum oil, coal, kerosene, propane, paraffin, fracked natural gas, or the like. Light your home with soy wax candles, prepare meals outside over a fire made from sustainably harvested wood, entertain your family or community by singing, playing games or telling stories – things that are less immediately dependent on potentially fossil-derived power and massive data centers.
  • Commit to Eating More Sustainably. Are you ready to try going vegan for a week? Maybe just a day? Maybe all you can commit to right now is eliminating beef and pork you would otherwise be eating at a few of your meals? The more you shift toward a plant-based diet, the easier it is on the climate.
  • Change your Commute. Can you make this a personal bike-to-work week (or better yet, have some colleagues or neighbors join you in a commitment to bike to work)? What about carpools or mass transit?
  • Communicate to extend ubuntu. Let people know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Share your plans and actions with friends you talk to, and on social media (use #agaya and/or #Novasutras) to help us find and grow our global community in ubuntu.

How will you show up? What else will you do?




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