Connecting the Corners: compass showing the cardinal directions, surrounded by images of Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Novasutras symbol.

‘Calling the Corners’ posted to Insight Timer

The second Novasutras Insight Timer recording – Calling the Corners: Opening Sacred Space for Novasutras Practices – was just published on the 18th of November on Insight Timer at  (If you don’t want to get the Insight Timer app, you can listen to an earlier version on YouTube). This is an instructional talk, with an opportunity to practice Calling the Corners.

We Call the Corners to amplify agaya – wonder, awe, joy, and reverence for the deep, sacred beauty of the universe – and ubuntu – loving-kindness and gratitude for the profound interconnections between all beings. Calling the Corners is used by Novasutras practitioners to open sacred space, by sending wishes for agaya and ubuntu to the six corners, and then radiating out from our center in ever-larger spaces. Calling the Corners provides the sense of sacred space for meditation or other work abiding in agaya and ubuntu.

The intention with this recording was to provideNS Poster Planet Success Vert tn a deeper background on the “hows” and “whys” of Calling the Corners, to help inspire practitioners to truly consider where they are, as a way of inducing something like the “Overview Effect” –by recognizing the enormity of our world, and the specificity of our place within it. This sacred sense of us as just one species on our marvelous but limited planet is one of the keys to transforming the human presence on Earth, bringing forth a human civilization that fully integrates and celebrates agaya and ubuntu.

So far, my first recording – Beginning Novasutras Meditation Practice – has been up since July 28th, with over 1200 listens.  A third recording – Walking in Ubuntu and Agaya – is still in the editing stage. I am beginning to work on writing scripts for the next recordings: A Journey within the Body and Honoring All Our Relations.

Please let me know what you think, or if you have other suggestions or ideas for Novasutras meditation recordings, in the comments below.

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  1. We’ve transitioned to referring to this practice as “Connecting the Corners,” as (unlike with many indigenous and neo-pagan traditions) we are not calling anything in, but instead recognizing our interconnection and sending out wishes for well-being.

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