Walking in Agaya and Ubuntu: a footpath into oak woodlands at the Costanoa resort on California's central coast. The Novsautras symbol is overlayed in one corner.

Next Recording for Insight Timer

There is time between the seed and the sprout, between the flower bud and the ripened fruit. And there is time between the idea for a meditation and its publication: writing and revising, recording, editing, and then the approval process in Insight Timer.

So far, my first recording – Beginning Novasutras Meditation Practice – has been up since July 28th, with over 1150 listens.  My next recording – Calling the Corners: Opening Sacred Space for Novasutras Practices – is awaiting approval, and should be published soon (meanwhile, you can listen to an earlier version on YouTube).  A third recording – Walking in Ubuntu and Agaya – is still in the editing stage.


Meanwhile, in addition to preparing the next Cross-Quarter recording for YouTube, I could be writing and revising the script for the next meditation. I have two partially developed ideas: Honoring All Our Relations and A Journey within the Body. Honoring All Our Relations will explore and celebrate our evolutionary connections with other beings, inviting a consideration of the migrations and expanding diversity of life, traveling backward through the development of Earth’s biosphere. A Journey within the Body will be a deep body scan, focusing on the healthy functioning of our own fractally complex biology as humans.

I expect I will eventually record both of these. But for now…

Which interests you most? Where shall I start – Honoring All Our Relations or A Journey within the Body?

Please let me know what you think, or if you have other suggestions or ideas for Novasutras meditation recordings, in the comments below.

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