Next Recording for Insight Timer

There is time between the seed and the sprout, between the flower bud and the ripened fruit. And there is time between the idea for a meditation and its publication: writing and revising, recording, editing, and then the approval process in Insight Timer.

So far, my first recording – Beginning Novasutras Meditation Practice – has been up since July 28th, with over 1150 listens.  My next recording – Calling the Corners: Opening Sacred Space for Novasutras Practices – is awaiting approval, and should be published soon (meanwhile, you can listen to an earlier version on YouTube).  A third recording – Walking in Ubuntu and Agaya – is still in the editing stage.


Meanwhile, in addition to preparing the next Cross-Quarter recording for YouTube, I could be writing and revising the script for the next meditation. I have two partially developed ideas: Honoring All Our Relations and A Journey within the Body. Honoring All Our Relations will explore and celebrate our evolutionary connections with other beings, inviting a consideration of the migrations and expanding diversity of life, traveling backward through the development of Earth’s biosphere. A Journey within the Body will be a deep body scan, focusing on the healthy functioning of our own fractally complex biology as humans.

I expect I will eventually record both of these. But for now…

Which interests you most? Where shall I start – Honoring All Our Relations or A Journey within the Body?

Please let me know what you think, or if you have other suggestions or ideas for Novasutras meditation recordings, in the comments below.

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