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Reflections on the Autumn Cross-Quarter 2019

We had a unifying Octal Meditation and a rich, thoughtful discussion online last week. Topics we discussed included our need for community and shared meditation practices in the face of the climate crisis and other stresses and struggles, the sense of being part of something larger as a way to manage grief, the astronomical configuration of the Cross-Quarter, the “birth struggle” of our consciousness of inter-relatedness and interdependence, and a consideration of what we might be ready to let go of to help us make it through “the rough weather.” Here’s the recording of the session, for those who missed it (or participants who wish to review):

The falling leaves and dying back of annual plants around the time of the mid-autumn Cross-Quarter in the Northern Hemisphere have led to a connection with Samhain, Halloween and the Day of the Dead – traditions that allow us to consider our responses to death and remember those who have died. The last Novasutras blog post discussed how we consider, mourn & celebrate death.

When this body disintegrates, you continue on with your actions. It’s like the cloud in the sky. When the cloud is no longer in the sky, it hasn’t died. The cloud is continued in other forms like rain or snow or ice. Our nature is the nature of no birth and no death. It is impossible for a cloud to pass from being into nonbeing. And that is true with a beloved person. They have not died. They have continued in many new forms and you can look deeply and recognize them in you and around you.

Thích Nh?t H?nh

Also on the day of the Cross-Quarter, Novasutras got a quick mention on the November 7th Good News Santa Cruz radio show about faith in this time of climate crisis (thanks Nancy & Jennifer!).

In Autumn, many trees drop their leaves. In this turning of the season, what are you ready to release and let fall away, so that you can weather the storms that are coming?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Ubuntu and agaya to you!

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