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Reflections on the Equinox Meditation, March 2020

Recording of Equinox meditation and conversation, March 19, 2020

Our guided meditation featured a message of global wellness, joy and loving-kindness for all beings. Before and after the meditation, there was conversation with our participants, following the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects. We started by recognizing our gratitude for the beauty and wonder of agaya, the kindness and compassion of ubuntu. Then we talked about what’s up for each of us with this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic crisis, to honor the struggles of this strange time – what is difficult, what is painful, what is scary right now.

Michelle then explained a little about the meaning of the Equinox, agaya and ubuntu in Novasutras. This Equinox, the sub-solar point was at Lat: 0° 00′, Long:  124° 52′ E.


At the moment of the Equinox, the sun was directly overhead in the Molucca Sea, near the north of Sulawesi island in Indonesia. This area is the home of indigenous Minahasan and Mandano peoples. It is part of Sundaland, one of Earth’s Three Green Hearts – the equatorial rainforests that are home to much of terrestrial biodiversity, and that shape Earth’s climate and weather patterns.

Speaking of Earth’s Three Green Hearts…
We’ve created a new petition to protect the Amazon rainforest in parternship with #Amazon4Amazon.
Please learn more, sign & share the petition.

After this explanation, we Called the Corners and began the meditation. Afterward, we reflected on what we had just learned and experienced, and what the current crisis is teaching us, and then talked about how to move forward in ubuntu and agaya.

The next chance to participate in this kind of online guided meditation and discussion is this coming Thursday, March 26th Online Gathering 2:30pm PDT / 21:30 UTC. Our guided meditation will again feature a message of global wellness, joy and loving-kindness for all beings. Before and after the meditation, there will be opportunity for conversation. Please join us for this practice to enhance personal and global well-being.

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The next Octal Meditation will be the MAY CROSS-QUARTER. We will gather on Zoom at 00:30 UTC May 5th / 5:30pm Pacific May 4th for a 60-minute conversation with guided meditation through the moment of the Cross-Quarter 5 May 00:49 UTC (May 4, 5:49pm Pacific).

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  1. I was thinking what if we all meditated together at the same time and just like you might see in a comic book series. Let’s blow this virus out of this world.

    We are picking tonight 11:11 pm

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