Treaty People Gathering Defends Sacred Land and Waters in Minnesota

Screen capture from Democracy Now! broadcast on 8 June 2021 from Treaty People Gathering action at Two Inlets site.

We stood in solidarity with indigenous water protectors, affirming treaty rights & blocking construction of Line 3. Line 3 must not be allowed to carry toxic tar sands oil through the sacred land and water of Minnesota. Learn more about what happened at the Treaty People Gathering, and what you can do to #StopLine3.

A Community of Practice for Leading Deep Change

Beekeepers learning together. Photo by Anggi Nurjaman on Unsplash

We seek to manifest a community of practice; to cherish our diversity of experiences, age, wealth, culture, gifts, talents and focus. A community of practice is a way that people with shared concerns and passions learn from one another, support each other, and grow in skills and abilities.

A Fast for Climate Justice

"The aim of this Fast for the Climate is to presence the lived reality of the unseen millions around the world who are living with food insecurity and starvation due to climate instability and the billions who will certainly follow if we do not take radical action to avert the worst effects of climate change." ~Keith Runyan