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Novasutras Website Goes 300% Green

We’ve switched to GreenGeeks for our web hosting, so the Novasutras site is now better than carbon-neutral.

Why greener web hosting matters

Our commitment to agaya and ubuntu means that Novasutras takes solving the climate crisis very seriously. While online services are much less carbon-intensive that many in-person or material options, they do require plenty of energy and other resources. For websites, much of that is through the data center that hosts the website, running and cooling large computer servers that keep the website available around the world at all times.

Full disclosure: Novasutras also chose to become a GreenGeeks affiliate site, so we can raise some funds through referrals. If you use this link to sign up for GreenGeeks web hosting, Novasutras receives USD $50 to help support our organization.

If you have a website, isn’t it time to choose a greener option for your web hosting?

How does it work?

The GreenGeeks hosting platform has been designed with a “maximum use, no waste of resources” mindset. They claim that every aspect of their hosting platform is built to be as energy efficient as possible. In addition to this, for every amp they pull from the grid, they match three times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Learn more about GreenGeeks’ commitment to reducing their climate impact

Praise for GreenGeeks Support Service

So yes, I am not neutral in my enthusiasm for switching to GreenGeeks. In Novasutras, we want people to shift to web hosting services that are reducing their carbon footprint. We chose GreenGeeks because they appeared to be the best option for this. Now we also have the ability to raise some funds by referring you to them.

I stand by the assertion that GreenGeeks are an excellent choice, not only because of their commitment to being “the most eco-friendly green web hosting company in the World,” but also because of their excellent support staff.

GreenGeeks offer free support to transfer your web hosting. Often this goes very smoothly. For the Novasutras site, however, there were many hiccups along the way. At each stumbling block, the professionals at GreenGeeks were friendly, accommodating and diligent in getting the problem resolved and getting us up and running on the new server. I have designed several websites, and I have never encountered better web hosting support. Their team was wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy that Novasutras was ready to make this switch.

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