Activists hold a quiet vigil for the victims of the destruction funded by Wells Fargo. San Francisco, CA. Photo by Leon Kunstenaar.
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Does it seem a little too quiet around here?

Yes, it has been quiet here of late. The blog and other aspects of the website are not getting the updates they should. No more newsletters, and very little seems to be happening on social media. But rest assured, Novasutras things are still happening!

I may not be keeping up the Events page, but Novasutras events continue, through meditations on Insight Timer and Deep Transformation Network (DTN), and I continue to support and assist with Climate Cafés with The Resilient Activist. Discussion spaces are still available on DTN and Insight Timer.

Novasutras had once again become essentially a solo project last year, as volunteers left and moved on to other things. So upkeep isn’t what it had been. Early in 2024, I shifted my focus more toward Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island, and that’s become the main focus of my activism (and most hours of most days).

Activists hold a quiet vigil for the victims of the destruction funded by Wells Fargo. San Francisco, CA, April 24th 2024. Photo by Leon Kunstenaar.

So I’m afraid you won’t be able to rely on website updates to find our events or other news for the coming months (nor newsletters, nor much on social media, for that matter). Those spaces will continue to be quiet. Check the Calendar, and keep your eye on the links above. We will be gathering for the Solstice on June 20th, and we’ll continue with Octal Meditations and Moon Phase meditations regularly.

Ongoing support is still deeply appreciated. Novasutras’ donors on Patreon are supporting the protection of 12 hectares of Sumatran rainforest every month through The Orangutan Project, plus just keeping access to the website available and other ongoing expenses that will keep Novasutras viable for our future re-emergence.

Novasutras will be ready to re-emerge and grow again later. It is an important project, and it’s not going away. Thank you for your interest and support.

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