Stonehenge, Salisbury - 2019 Winter Solstice celebration before sunrise. Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

Celebrate the June Solstice

The Solstice is a time when the sun appears to pause in its northward journey, before turning again to move southward. Novasutras will celebrate by holding an online guided meditation focusing on global well-being and loving-kindness. In the depths of difficult times, celebration and spiritual connection are more important than ever. We hope you’ll join our Octal Celebration, and include our online gatherings as part of your own celebration of this seasonal transition.

June Solstice

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Celebrate with us over Zoom

Sunday June 20th, 7:30pm PDT

= Monday June 21st, 02:30 UTC

(90 minutes, Facilitators: Michelle & Leoma)

To celebrate this Solstice, Dr. Michelle Merrill will lead guided meditation, interactive celebratory practices, and compassionate conversation. Celebrations feature a message of global wellness, joy and loving-kindness for all beings. We are invited to reconnect with the beauty and wonder of Nature. How do we welcome more love and joy for all our relations? What shall we leave behind, as we move into the next turning of our dance around the Sun? What beautiful possibilities beckon us toward the future?

This Octal Celebration provides an ecospiritual celebration of the Earth-Sun dance. The precise moment of this Solstice is June 21st 03:32 UTC / June 20th 8:32pm Pacific, when the sun is overhead at the Tropic of Cancer. Michelle will lead a celebration over Zoom through the time of the Solstice, plus a meditation on Insight Timer Live the following day.

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On Monday, June 21, 2021 at 03:32:00 UTC the Sun is at its zenith at Latitude: 23° 26′ North, Longitude: 127° 27′ East. From

Can’t make our Zoom Solstice celebration? Or want even more? Get the Insight Timer app on your phone or tablet, and see/hear our

Solstice Meditation for Planetary Well-Being on Insight Timer Live

Monday, June 21st, 2:00pm PDT / 21:00 UTC
Join us on Insight Timer Live (45 min, Presenter: Michelle)

Reconnect with the beauty, joy and wonder of nature. Our every cell is a dance of matter, energy and love from the living world. We celebrate that sacred beauty as we move into the next turning of our dance around the Sun. What shall we leave behind? What beautiful futures beckon us forward?

About the Solstice

The exact time the sun will end its northbound journey and begin its journey southward is Monday, June 21st at 03:32 UTC (that’s June 20th 8:32pm Pacific Daylight Time – check your local time and date). Our main online celebration coincides with the moment of the Solstice.

Celebrating Seasonal Transition

The June Solstice is when nights are longest and the sun is lowest in the Southern Hemisphere, and when days are longest and the sun is highest in the Northern Hemisphere. This shifting, and our experiences of seasonal change on Earth, are related to the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis. The June Solstice marks the beginning of summer north of the tropics, and the beginning of winter south of the tropics.

Earth at the start of the 4 astronomical seasons. By Tau?olunga [CC0]

The Solstices are the extremes of the year, and are key times for celebrations in almost all cultures and traditions. Around the times of the Solstices, the sun appears to stop changing the path of the arc it follows across the sky. People see the sun rising and setting at nearly the same place on their horizon in the days just before and after the actual moment of the Solstice. So your Novasutras Solstice celebrations can appropriately extend through these days before and after the precise moment of the Solstice.

For celebrations of the Solstices, important themes are:

  • Celebrating the Sun
  • Pausing for Reflection
  • Contrasts (day/night, light/dark)
  • Global Unity

In the Northern Hemisphere, Abundance and Vigor are also key themes to incorporate in your celebrations this June. For your winter Solstice, Endings and New Beginnings, and Endurance are appropriate themes in the Southern Hemisphere.

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