Novasutras Movement’s Google Calendar

Astronomical events and other celebration days are included to help you schedule globally relevant celebrations for the Novasutras movement. This calendar also displays Novasutras Santa Cruz local events.

  • 2020 Timings of Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarters
    • Cross-Quarter 4 Feb 08:55 UTC (12:55am Pacific)
    • Equinox 20 March 03:50 UTC (March 19, 8:50pm Pacific)
    • Cross-Quarter 5 May 00:49 UTC (May 4, 5:49pm Pacific)
    • Solstice 20 June 21:44 UTC (2:44pm Pacific)
    • Cross-Quarter 7 Aug 01:04 UTC (Aug 6, 6:04pm Pacific)
    • Equinox 22 Sep 13:31 UTC (6:31am Pacific)
    • Cross-Quarter 7 Nov 22:56 UTC (2:56pm Pacific)
    • Solstice 21 Dec 10:02 UTC (2:02am Pacific)

      Note: online Octal Meditations are usually scheduled to begin 15-35 minutes before actual timings, but may differ – check Events page for specifics
  • Equinox Celebration Suggestions
  • Solstice Celebration Suggestions


Click here for more information about future Novasutras events.

To learn about past events, click here.

Want to help?

It would be great to adjust astronomical events with very specific times to those specific times. It would also be nice to add in more global celebration days with themes that are relevant to the Novasutras principles and values, agaya and ubuntu (e.g. Earth Day, World Water Day, World Lemur Day). Contact us if you want to work on the calendar.

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