Understanding How We Win: online workshop on NVDA campaigns

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Saturday, October 17th, 1:00pm PDT / 20:00 UTC (3.5 hrs)

Understand and develop effective strategies for nonviolent direct action campaigns.

Through engaged learning over Zoom, this interactive online workshop will help you develop skills to start and conduct nonviolent direct action (NVDA) campaigns. NVDA campaigns have a history of successfully addressing racism, sexism, environmental destruction and other oppressions.

Protests are usually organized to express grief, anger, or plain opposition to an action or policy… Campaigners, by contrast, plan from the start to do a series of nonviolent actions and continue until the goal is reached.

George Lakey, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning

How We Win online workshop details

Saturday, October 17th, 1:00pm PDT / 20:00 UTC (3.5 hrs) – registration required

The goals of the workshop are to help activists:

  • Identify your power
  • Understand polarization
  • See the uses of Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns

Facilitators Michelle Merrill & Kaki Rusmore were trained by George Lakey to deliver this workshop based on his book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning.

If you want to be a soldier, you can go to West Point. If you want to be a nonviolent change-maker, George Lakey has both remarkable stories and remarkable insights–not to mention some remarkable colleagues who add their perspective to this necessary manual.

Bill McKibben, co-founder 350.org

Co-organized by Novasutras and the Resource Center for Nonviolence

Saturday, October 17th, 1:00pm PDT / 20:00 UTC (3.5 hrs) – any donation amount welcome, registration required

Novasutras events and practices develop the wisdom and resilience of those who work in service of agaya and ubuntu. We provide learning opportunities that meet change agents’ needs as we respond to environmental disruption and social injustice that threaten global and personal well-being.

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