Novasutras swag

We can increase both visibility and revenue for the movement by creating items for sale that promote the cause. Right now, there are some posters, t-shirts and related merchandise available on our RedBubble site:



Items that promote the movement and its ideas are especially good if they are displayed, used or worn in public, where new people can ask the wearer/bearer about Novasutras. These spontaneous conversations are the one of the best ways for us to grow the Novasutras movement.

There are, of course, concerns about how well producing and promoting such merchandise adheres to Novasutras principles and respects agaya and ubuntu. Please comment if you have recommendations regarding better (more environmentally and socially conscious options) than RedBubble, or other ideas about how to bring our ‘merchandising’ more in line with our values.

Also, if you are a creator, please comment below or get in contact with us to contribute your work to growing our movement.

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